About Us

Trusted Architectural Products, also known as TAP Walls, is a division of Trusted Supply Chain Partners, LLC. We improve workplace productivity with beautiful, functional, and affordable private offices; factory-direct.

Based out of Greater Fort Wayne, Indiana, we are unique in the wall business because we’re small, yet fast. We’re also unique because we partner with clients of all sizes, including our largest clients who are Fortune 500 Global corporations. Whether your project calls for one office, or 50, we want to be your supply chain partner for your private offices. We design them, deliver, install, and service them faster than the average bear.

Haven’t heard of us? That’s no surprise. You won’t find us on a billboard or see our showroom in downtown Chicago. The reason is, we don’t need it. We enjoy exceptional relationships with the clients we serve and are proud of the fact that over 90% of our business is generated from referrals and repeat business.

Have multiple locations and need to standardize? Call us. Want to buy direct from the manufacturer to eliminate dealer mark-up’s? Call us. Want to deal with the business owners and experienced decision makers who can partner with you to make your workplace more productive?
Please call us today.


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For sales, please contact Matt Groves, Director of Business Development at (440) 336-4382 or you can email Matt at mgroves@tapwalls.com.

For all other needs, please contact our main office, Trusted Supply Chain Partners, LLC., at (260) 622-6000.

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