Supporting Processes


Our customer's products are not complete without assembly, finishing, a final quality check and shipment to their door.

We provide assembly services for mechincal, electrical, and finished products whether they be wood, glass, fabric, and of course, metal. Examples include contract furniture components, electrical assemblies, and processing units for the food industry.



Powder Coating is a vital service that the majority of our customers depend on Trusted to provide. Our batch system provides the flexibility to do multiple runs of multiple colors every day. Our 10' X 12" X 8" ovens can more than handle most every job, and should there be a need for larger area coverage, Trusted has successfully responded to those needs in the past.



Our ability to respond quickly to dynamic production requirements is another vital reason that our customers continue to rely on Trusted. Our dedicated drivers and our partnerships with capable transportation providers ensure that when the need is there, the Trusted parts will be there.


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